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Sweet and Sour Bamboo Soup

Great for sharing with the whole family or a group of friends, Sweet and Sour Bamboo Soup is a favorite of Southeast Asia. With So Saap Sauce you'll be able to throw it together in no time and get to eating!


  • seafood of your choice (cod in video)
  • galanga
  • ginger
  • half a jar of sour bamboo (~1lb.)
  • 1 can light beer (optional)
  • tamarind soup mix
  • 1/2 cup So Saap Sauce
  • assorted herbs and veggies:
    • green onion
    • jalapeño pepper
    • cilantro
    • onion
    • tomato
    • pineapple



  1. Add galanga and ginger to 7 cups of lightly boiling water
  2. Add sour bamboo
  3. Add light beer
  4. Add soup mix
  5. Add So Saap Sauce
  6. Add seafood
  7. Add all herbs and veggies and mix well
  8. Enjoy! So saap, so simple

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